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The dMv Test

“Please, oh please,” I chanted out loud as I stared at the envelope with the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles return address in the upper left hand corner. Sam would not be home from school for another 30 minutes and I … Continue reading

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Birthday Boy

  Sixteen years ago today my life changed infinitely for the better because you came into this world. A beautiful, healthy, 9 pound 11 ounce baby who has taught me more about life and the definition of goodness, than any other … Continue reading

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A Sister’s Point-of-View

Editor’s Note:  Sam’s little sister Josie, who is four years younger than him is a budding writer, not to mention one of his fiercest allies.  At age 11, she took it upon herself to write the following post so that … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note:  A special thanks to Victoria Redel for allowing me to share her beautiful poem, which I am sure will tug at the heartstrings of parents far and wide.  Touchingly penned, her words capture what many of us have … Continue reading

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Facing Fear…And Having Dinner With Him

In my defense, I was still in a state of denial.  Well sort of.  Sam was 10 years old and deep down we knew what we were dealing with, we just hadn’t said it out loud that often, and when … Continue reading

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Words of Advice From A Mom

Editor’s Note…One of the best support systems I have is an online group comprised of parents who are also raising gender variant (GV) children.  Known only by our first names and the state from which we reside, I have come … Continue reading

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Not A Tomboy

Editor’s Note…I am thrilled to feature my first guest writer, Jacqueline Friedman Shepherd, a mom from Alaska who has captured brilliantly an all too common occurrence that I am sure many, if not all, parents like us can relate to. … Continue reading

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‘Like’ What You Read!

Greetings to all my Transparenthood Readers!   I entered an essay contest (writing a story about our experience raising a transgender child) put on by the Oakland, CA Children’s Hospital and just learned that I am one of 18 semi-finalists … Continue reading

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Follow The Leader

I sat next to my husband slumped down in my seat, bracing myself for the fallout.  In fact, if there were seat belts on the theater chairs, mine would have been fastened and if the lights had not already been dim, … Continue reading

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Pull Out All The Stops

Something was wrong, I just knew it.  But I also understood, having been down this road many times before, that I had to wait until Sam was ready to talk.  And so I anxiously exercised my patience, knowing the signs, … Continue reading

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