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20/20 Hindsight

I have perfect hindsight.  In fact I am fairly certain it is 20/20, given my ability to look back on Sam’s early childhood and be able to tell you exactly what was going on. Upon reflection, I recognize many of … Continue reading

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Happy Camper

All across the country parents are busy getting kids ready for summer camp, reviewing what-to-bring checklists and making last minute dashes to the store to buy must-have travel size containers of toiletries they know deep down their child will never use.  I’m not one to gamble, but … Continue reading

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Say Ahhhhh!

“The deadline for my camp physical form to be turned in is tomorrow,” Sam conveniently announces at 6:00 in the evening. “Of course it is Sam,” I reply, not hiding my irritation for this last minute surprise.   He may be … Continue reading

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XX vs. XY

“When did you know for sure?” Everyone we meet wants to know the answer to that question when they hear we have a transgender child.  Some, perhaps, so that they can calm unspoken fears about the possibility their own tomboy … Continue reading

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Welcome to Holland

The following story was given to Sam and me when we volunteered to be ski instructors last winter for children who were developmentally disabled.  While it was written for parents of children with disabilities, the story’s message might resonate with parents … Continue reading

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