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Happy Halloween

As I turn off the yard light and shut the front door on another Halloween I find my mind drifting back, recalling how my feelings toward this day have changed throughout the years.  Ahhh, Halloween, typically a fun holiday for … Continue reading

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Never Say Never

How many times must I learn this lesson?  Never say never.  As a parent of a 15 year-old transgender child you would think by now I would know better than to make concrete assumptions about how anything will play out … Continue reading

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Make A Wish

One wish. That’s all we get when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake each year.  It’s kind of a funny tradition when you think about it.  We wait 364 days in anticipation of the one date we are allowed … Continue reading

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Dear Sam…

I apologize for the delay in posting…it has taken me longer than I thought to sort through the 102 letters, emails and cards we received in response to our letter, trying to decide which ones to share. Yes, you read … Continue reading

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Dear Friends and Family…

This week marks an important anniversary for our family.  It was just one year ago that we mailed ‘the letter,’ which we wrote to tell friends and family about Sam.  The letter was a long time in coming and much … Continue reading

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