Help Get A Trans Rights Question Into the Next Presidential Debate

The public gets to vote on which questions are asked in Sunday’s Presidential debate. VOTE now to get the following question included:

“What would you say to a trans kid forced to use a separate restroom in school?”

The National Center for Transgender Equality along with Amy, a Virginia mother of a 12 year-old transgender daughter, created this debate question. Amy’s daughter just started middle school where she has to either use the boys’ restroom or a separate one, making her a target for teasing and bullying or worse.

This year, more than 20 states proposed laws that would have forbidden transgender people from using the bathroom that best fit their gender identity. Everyone is entitled to a safe learning environment and that includes transgender students.

Join me in voting for this question – it is easy and just think…you can help bring transgender student issues to the center stage on Sunday, with just a simple keystroke!

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